PP honeycomb panel is made of two thin panels firmly bonded on both sides of a thick honeycomb core material, also known as honeycomb sandwich structure. In addition, honeycomb panel also refers to a large number of cutoff waveguides welded together to form a cutoff waveguide array, forming a large open area, while preventing electromagnetic leakage of the panel.

PP honeycomb board can be a molding double-sided cloth, covering, lightweight high stiffness, non-toxic environmental protection, shock absorption and cold resistance, sound insulation, moisture insulation and other advantages; It is widely used in interior parts such as trunk cover plate, trunk clapboard, trunk carpet base board, side decoration board and ceiling of middle and high-grade passenger cars. The maximum width is 1.5 meters and the length is unlimited.

The product has the following advantages:

1. Strong pressure resistance and impact resistance; PP honeycomb panels absorb external forces, so as to greatly reduce the damage caused by impact, collision. It is widely used in many fields such as automobile bumpers and sports protectors.

2. Light weight; PP honeycomb panel is light in weight, which can greatly reduce the load weight of transport vehicles, thereby improving the speed of transport vehicles to a certain extent and reducing the cost of transport. It is widely used in interior decoration of shell, ceiling, partition, deck and floor of yachts, automobiles, trains and other transportation vehicles. And the making of bags.

3. Excellent sound insulation performance; PP honeycomb panel can greatly reduce the spread of sound, can be used as a series of vehicles, yachts, high-speed cars and other noisy sound insulation equipment of the basic material, but also as some noise, or high requirements for sound insulation of the building decoration materials.

4. Excellent heat insulation performance; PP honeycomb panel insulation performance is superior, can effectively block the spread of heat, is the internal temperature is relatively stable, in the refrigerator car and car box has been very good application.

5. Strong water and corrosion resistance; Due to the characteristics of its raw material, it can be used in high water content and corrosive environment for a long time. It is widely used in the construction of wharf and the manufacture of floating raft at sea. Because of the permeability of the product, it can also be used for fountain production. With activated carbon can also be used in air filtration and purification equipment.

6. Because of the permeability of the product, it has been widely used in fountains, and can also be used in air filtration and purification equipment with activated carbon.

Next, two kinds of PP honeycomb panels are introduced:

1. Glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb panel

FRP honeycomb plate is a very perfect sheet. With polyester reinforced plastic, multi-axial high-strength glass fiber and PP honeycomb board as the main materials, in a special mold, after constant temperature vacuum pressure, adsorption, glue, curing molding, product structure is reasonable, advanced technology. FRP honeycomb panels have the following points:

A. Light weight B. high strength C. water and moisture resistance D. corrosion resistance E. Aging resistance F. Flame retardant, G. no pollution, environmental protection products.

2. Plastic honeycomb panel

Plastic honeycomb is PV

C, PET, PP and other plastic sheet laminated honeycomb material, with light weight, high strength and other characteristics. Current cellular morphology:

Hexagonal circular hole semi-circular groove honeycomb composite panel:

The honeycomb panel is composed of two panels and a honeycomb intermediate layer which is filled to ensure that the two panels are built together and work together. The design idea of honeycomb panel structure

The surface plate is equivalent to the wing plate of i-beam, mainly bearing normal stress; The middle honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of i-beam and mainly bears shear stress. The structural strength of the two plates is large, and there is a large moment of inertia in section, so the rigidity is good, and the bending strength is large.