The application of automobile interior mold is very extensive, we drive daily when we generally only care about the comfort of automobile interior, few people care about the processing and manufacturing of automobile interior mold. Today, automobile interior mold manufacturers will introduce the processing process of automobile interior mold.

1, the first step in mold manufacturing is to determine the production drawings. In the car interior trim mold machining, drawing is necessary, because the actual usage is different, the mould in the design and manufacturing is different requirements, the fine degree of different processing shape is different, therefore in the process to make sure the specific requirements of the mold size, etc., these should be in consideration to design drawings, This can make the design of the mold drawings can better meet the needs of people, better service for people.

2, determine the drawings to understand the drawings. In the production of automotive interior mold, do not wait for the drawings to determine, directly produced, to understand the drawings, and then the construction planning. In the process of processing should be how to layout, how to operate, every detail is considered clearly, so that when the mold is processed, you can better convert the drawings into real objects, avoid affecting the technology of mold manufacturing, so that the quality of the mold manufactured is relatively high.

3, determine the processing method. After understanding the drawings, we must determine the processing method of the mold. Different types of mold processing methods are different, so after understanding the use of the mold and other actual situations to determine the mold production method.

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