Automobile interior non-woven fabric to meet what standards

1, wear resistance

Wear resistance is the most important requirement for car seat fabric and steering wheel fabric. Seat fabric requires at least two years of use, and sometimes it may be used for more than ten years or even longer. Therefore, car seat fabric needs to have high wear resistance, so that it will not pilling in the use process to ensure the appearance of the seat.

2, flame retardant performance

Car interior non-woven must want to have a good flammability and flame retardant, in this way, the car in the event of fire risk and can guarantee the passengers have plenty of time to leave, or is to reduce the occurrence of fire danger, car textile material may be used in all kinds of fiber, their composition and chemical structure of each are not identical, its thermal performance and combustion performance are also different, So be careful in your choice.

3, light resistance and uv resistance

Modern cars in order to meet the requirements of lighting and auto lightweight, window glass began to take a lot of area, will directly cause the car interior space from the sun, in extreme climate conditions, the temperature of the car can reach 130 ℃, as the land of the sun, the interior temperature drop, poor so much heat and cold may affect the fabric fading and degradation, Not only affect the service life of the material, but also greatly affect the appearance, so the requirements of automotive interior non-woven fabric must have good light resistance and uv resistance.