Sponge composite is by heating, pressure, with adhesive to the same or not the same material of two or multiple layers combined as a whole method. The method of forming and processing multi-layer sponge composite cloth with water-based adhesive under heating and pressure of the drum of foam composite machine.

1.Cloth inspection, the cloth, foam material or fabric in the composite processing before the inspection of the cloth to detect whether there is damage and other problems, if there is a timely solution, to prevent the occurrence of defective sponge composite cloth.

2.The bonding effect of laminated fabric can be improved by preheating substrate in advance. One layer or multiple layers of composite pressure surface can be made by tube coating or spraying.

3.On the adhesive for cloth composite sponge material choose water-based adhesive, so that the adhesive sponge composite cloth will be more uniform.

4.The conveyor belt of the foam composite machine passes through the roller, and the sponge composite cloth is pressurized and processed with water-based adhesive.

5.Sponge composite cloth is generated and cut in a batch, and transported to post-natal quality inspection to ensure no quality problems.

6.Packaging, transportation. The package is packed in two layers, the mileage is packed in transparent plastic bag, and the outer layer is packed in snakeskin bag. Mass production completed delivery. Timely and safe delivery to customers.

Matters needing attention

1.Control the speed of the drum

2.Control the temperature of the roller to avoid high temperature scald materials

3.The amount of glue used appears the phenomenon of glue penetration.

4.Self - check twice before and after delivery to avoid unnecessary loss