Low density, high strength

Since the honeycomb is a porous discontinuous material, and the cross-sectional area of the solid part is small, the
density of the honeycomb is also very small, so the finishing weight is light, and it meets the light weight
requirements in aerospace design. Excellent compressive strength, good shear strength, light weight and low density.

Good sound insulation and heat insulation performance
In the commonly used honeycomb sandwich panel, the volume of the solid material is only 10%, and the remaining
space is air in a sealed state. Because the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of air is better than that
of any solid material, the propagation of heat and sound waves is greatly affected. Therefore, the honeycomb
sandwich panel has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance.

Good corrosion resistance
Excellent anti-corrosion performance, can withstand the erosion of chemical products, sea water, etc.

Superior flatness and rigidity

Because the honeycomb core is under vertical force, and each honeycomb panel has countless fixed honeycombs, it will not move. The dense honeycombs in the honeycomb panel can disperse and bear the pressure from all aspects, so that the force of the panel is uniform, and the strength to withstand the pressure is guaranteed and the panel ensures a high flatness in a large area.

ECO-friendly and Environmental protection

Energy saving, 100% recyclable, no VOC during processing, no odor, no aldehydes and ketones in products using
honeycomb panels.

The surface can be compounded with various materials
The composite of various materials and honeycomb panels can be completed on the honeycomb panel
production line, such as: non-woven fabric, TPU film, artificial leather, etc., with high composite fastness and
strong bonding.